Saturday, February 20, 2010

Resources and Connections

You might be the type of person who relishes the idea of college. But perhaps, like some, even the merest mention of the C-word sends you fleeing with your hands over your ears. In fact I have one friend who involuntarily shudders when the subject is brought up. Maybe the thought of higher education gives you mixed feelings of excitement and dread - heavy on the dread.

College is a whole new chapter in our lives. It begins affecting us years before we've even graduate high school! There are the grades, expenses, pressures, expectations of family and friends. The list just goes on and on. Don't freak out though....ok freak out. Feel better? Lets hope so. Now, college isn't all bad. Ever heard the phrase "Its the best years of your life"? Well that saying often holds true! Think about it; you get to experience so many new things its likely to make your head spin. Each new person you meet is a possibility for a friend. You'll be trying different things and finding the career field that fits you best. You'll be striking out on your own and this is your chance to be whoever you want to be. Its a fresh start in a way.

All you need to turn this experience from a possibly stressful, mentally scarring experience are the right resources and connections. Thats where Homework & Hotties comes in. I created this blog as a place for advice, discussions, information, and funny stories on college and the time leading up to it. Its also a place for students to connect. Mainly for college students and high schoolers getting ready for college, H&H is open for anyone and everyone to read, comment, ask questions, or give advice. In fact I welcome it. Please comment on posts and feel free to contact me at

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  1. everything you heard about might be true, ten times worse or just a fabrication of someone's dull boring life cause they feared leaving their small contained world of being a big fish in a small pond aka their hometown, so they stuck to going to and from classes and their rooms at all times